What Special Care Should You Give Your Seiko Presage Watch

    So, you’ve finally purchased you dream Seiko Presage watch. As one of the most attractive looking watches out there, you’ll never regret your decision even once. But just because you relied on the services of a reputable United States watch official retailer for Seiko watches, it is not say that you should skimp on proper care.

    You want your new Seiko Presage watch to serve you for years to come and this is only possible if you prioritize proper care. Fortunately, this is never going to take most of your time provided you understand what is expected. That said, here are some of the ways you can take special care of your new Seiko Presage watch.

    Avoid Chemicals and Extreme Temperatures

    At no time should you use solvents or chemicals when cleaning your Seiko Presage watch. Remember, any chemical reaction will only result in the deterioration of the watch or change in the color of the band, case or strap. Things are not any different with extreme temperatures as it affects the functioning of your watch.

    Since there is a difference in operational changes for each caliber, it is in your best interest that you go through the instruction for your watch caliber. That way, you can tell what temperature your Seiko Presage watch can withstand.

    Regular Cleaning

    When out and about, your watch is susceptible to sweat, dirt and dust. That’s why you must make it the norm to clean your Seiko Presage. To pull this off hassle-free, use a soft cloth to wipe moisture, sweat or dirt once you remove it from the wrist. With regular cleaning, you will certainly increase the lifespan of the case back, gaskets and band. This is what you need to get good value for your money.

    Final Thoughts

    Proper care of your Seiko Presage is something you should never skimp on at any time. However, you should never try to clean the internal parts of your watch unless you are a professional. Internal cleaning is better left to professionals as they understand what it takes to avoid damage.

    When in doubt, you are better off seeking the help of watch enthusiasts rather than doing things blindly.  Through this action, you’ll use your new Seiko Presage watch for years to come without having to worry about regular repairs due to poor maintenance.

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