Things to Know About Cataract Surgery

    Undergoing cataract surgery in Singapore can help solve slight changes to vision such as loss of contrast sensitivity and loss of color perception. Initially, the surgery was performed when cataracts had to be removed in one piece. Things are now different thanks to innovations in the world of technology.

    Nowadays, eye surgeons count on ultrasound and laser technology to break the cataract into smaller pieces for removal. This action is aimed at aiding the fragmentation process. That being said, here are some of the things you ought to know before undergoing cataract surgery.

    Is the Operation Painful?

    The good thing about cataract surgery is that it is not at all painful.  In most cases, patients describe a mild sensation of pressure around the eye. However, there are times when the eye surgeon makes use of local anesthesia or performs a small anesthetic block around the eye.

    For those who prefer to stay asleep during the entire procedure, you may have to make do with a general anesthetic. Things are not any different for those with other medical issues that need to be taken into account. Ensure to discuss this with your eye surgeon before getting started.

    Life after Surgery

    Post-cataract surgery recovery is one of the most important considerations by many patients before they decide on anything. After all, most want to go back to their normal way of life within the shortest time possible. Luckily, this is something that should never give you sleepless nights.

    Most patients who undergo the surgery can drive within 48 hours after the operation. Even though you can start driving once you feel comfortable doing so, you’re better off avoiding long distance driving in the first week. This is because the eye will feel strained after the surgery.

    In Conclusion

    These are some of the things you ought to know before you can finally undergo cataract surgery. Keep in mind early preparation goes a long way in making sure everything turns out how you expect. If you’ve made up your mind to undergo laser refractive surgery, do not hesitate to request a quotation from Steve Seah Eye Centre.

    As one of the best cataract surgical clinic in Singapore, you can rest knowing that you’re in the safest hands possible. Alternatively, you can visit MediaOne official website and find more cataract surgical clinics here before choosing the best for your needs.

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