How to be a Global Citizen

    Becoming a global citizen is all about identifying with an ever-growing global community and actively contributing to positive growth within the community. It is essential to identify with a global community, but that doesn’t imply you need to travel far or abandon your personal identity.

    In order to successfully become a global citizen, you should always have an open mind, educate yourself, get involved in your community, and travel when possible. With that in mind, here is what it takes to become a global citizen.

    Always Maintain an Open Mindset

    To be a global citizen, you need to identify with a world community. However, it doesn’t imply you should lose your heritage or culture. Keep in mind your herniate involves what cultures are present in your family history, what culture your family actively subscribes to, and what community you live in today.

    For you to effectively learn about these, it is essential that you talk to your family, research your family history on the internet, and get to know a lot more about your community by being an active citizen. You can always research your background on websites that offer these services for free or at a fee.

    Get Involved in Your Community

    With this global citizen year, it might be the ideal time to get involved in your community. After all, being a part of the global community starts in your local community. For this reason, you should take it upon yourself to share stories about your background, and listen to the stories of others.

    You can ask friends, family members, and people you encounter at school, church, or work to share stories about their backgrounds. For instance, if you are talking to someone from a different culture, you could ask them what it feels like celebrating their biggest holiday.

    There’s also the option of turning to social media to listen to and share stories with a broader community of people. You can go to YouTube, X, and Facebook to share and search for content. In this way, you will certainly be part of your local community.

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