Creating a website planning and project scope

    Despite having such a tremendous density of users on the internet, the website planning is something that seems to be ignored. When you visit around 10 websites, only 3 or 4 will attract your attention towards the website design. The others will have inefficient and boring designs that may even annoy you at certain periods. While the ingredients of website design keep changing with time, the core remains the same. The core factors include easy navigation, compatibility, industry-appropriate design, and a clear layout.

    What is a website plan?

    Suppose your website plan is the blueprint for building your website. It has all the necessary ingredients and factors that are needed to build a decent-looking website for your blog or business. 

    A good website plan should contain the following things, for sure. You need to run research experiments to find and let your readers know about;

    • Background history of you and your website
    • A brief detail of your target market and future goals. It will include writing buyer personas for the audience so you can get the right customers for your business.
    • Precise details about what you want to create and why you want to create that.
    • Metrics

    How to perform proper website planning?

    Here are a few things that you should definitely follow if you want to prepare a proper website plan for your business.

    • Your website goals and objectives

    You need to be clear about what you expect from your website and how you are going to achieve that. Setting up website goals and milestones helps you stay focused and determined so that you can put your best efforts into the game.

    • Your target audience

    The second thing you always need to keep in mind is your target audience. You must know who you are targeting and how it is going to affect them. For example, content optimized for mobile is going crazy nowadays because studies have concluded that a large number of internet users are using mobile devices to look for something on the internet.

    You can use the simple strategies below to get the perfect audience for you and your business.

    • Take a close look at your existing readers and customers
    • Distinguish your perfect customers and also conclude how and why you want to serve them with your skills
    • Evaluate the gap between your current position and where do you expect yourself in a certain time frame in the future.
    • Create a string of personas, each persona representing a specific audience type you are targeting.

    Learn more about creating a website plan here.

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