A Guide to Choose a Commercial Air Conditioner

    Commercial air conditioners are large and powerful, requiring a high level of technical skill to size correctly for a specific building and application. They’re also more expensive than residential units.

    The best commercial AC brands include American Standard, Carrier, Trane, and Rheem. These brands offer affordable HVAC equipment, ranging from budget-friendly to durable, but performance can vary.

    These companies’ products score a total of 3.8 out of 5. While they don’t offer the most energy-efficient models, reviewers say they’re durable and reliable. In addition, they provide more features than many of the residential systems on the market. These include zoning, multiple thermostats, and a more extensive drainage system.

    A commercial air conditioning system typically uses refrigerants that change from liquid to gas to cool a building. When the refrigerant heats up, it’s pumped through a compressor and then cooled by a condenser. When the refrigerant is cooled, it can be changed back to liquid for use in another system.

    Generally, commercial air conditioner units come between three and 25 tons. These range from a small light commercial unit that provides heating and cooling to a vast, heavy system in industrial settings or large office blocks.

    They usually come with an evaporator coil, where water collects during the refrigerant’s conversion from liquid to vapor. Keeping the condensate pans clean is essential to prevent slime buildup that will clog the drain. These evaporator coils are made from copper to withstand extreme temperatures. They also are insulated and protected against the elements.

    To ensure proper operation and longevity, it’s essential to check the evaporator belt regularly for wear. Loose belts are complex on the pulley and reduce the fan’s speed. In addition, they can freeze the evaporator coil, which can cause costly damage and loss of performance.

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